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Angelo Preciado

One of the most promising Ecuadorian prospects making impact in his first season as professional.

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Angelo Smit Preciado Quiñónez, recently featuring for the Ecuador national team, was born February 18th 1996 in Shushufindi. Having started his career  in America de Quito, he is currently  playing for Independiente del Valle in Ecuador First Division. 

In his first professional season he demonstrated signs of a balanced & composed right back. His ability of understanding the game fundamentals overlapped his lack of experience, allowing him to enjoy a smooth first season. 

AGE: 21

MV: 500.000 €



Independiente del Valle

Position(s): RB, RW, RAMF


Football IQ Profile

Let’s have a look at his Football IQ profile. 

For this purpose we’ll use Football IQ’s DPI data-sets from the 2018/2019 season. 


24 games and 2024′ constitutes a decent sample to work with. 

Occasionally involved with building from the back (Build Up: 65) combined with fast runs with the ball exploiting spaces, Preciado was assigned heavily with moving the ball between the lines (Tunnel: 70) & inside the box (InBox: 82). 

As expected of a full-back, he attempted a lot of crosses (Crossing: 88) , getting himself in numerous 1vs1 defensive (1vs1 Def: 74) & attacking situations (Dribbling: 88).


Preciado was among the most productive players in the Ecuador First Division in successful crosses (Crossing: 94) and successful dribbles (Dribbling: 92). 

Consistent with his tendencies his passing in box (InBox: 81),  between lines (Tunnel: 70) & build up (Build Up: 72) remained in similar levels.


Crossing was clearly one of his strong points (Crossing: 80). Decent levels at most of his predominant tendencies and hidden potential at long balls (Long: 60), defensive contests (Def Contests: 81) and aerial contests (Aerial Contests: 72).


Evidently Preciado’s passing profile consisted of moving the ball inside the box (InBox: 74), between lines (Tunnel: 62) and building from the back (Build Up: 63) .  


Despite not getting in danger zones quite often (Presence in Danger Zones: 57) his xAssists levels are relatively high (xAssists: 70) however he did not materialize into actual assists (Assists vs xA: 29). 

With such high crossing rating (Crossing: 85) one must assume that he did his job decently though . His dribbling overall (Dribbling: 71) is a clear sign of ability and combined with crossing render him an immediate threat for opponents when in possession.


His defensive overalls might not have been not impressive however he demonstrated a certain balance between defensive aspects. Versatility  combined with safe levels of aggression and bookings might prove fertile grounds for improvement.


An explosive, agile and pragmatic full back with a natural instinct of how the game is played. Still raw, with room for improvement in all aspects of his game albeit already making his presence felt in his home country. 

Balanced between attack & defense, good crossing ability, potency at beating his man and versatility when it comes to defending he possesses a strong package of fundamentals. Foundations are there, he needs to keep working and developing himself.   

Recent news report linked him with Flamengo, stating that a move from the Brazilian giants is to be expected as soon as the domestic league is over. 

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