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Identifying the most suitable U22s of Brazilian football

A couple of months ago we received a request by an intermediary. He was particularly interested in expanding his reach within the Brazilian market, focusing on under 22 players. With data from Brazil’s top-3 competitions as well as 8 state competitions, obviously we could accommodate his request. 

To ensure for effective penetration, we performed a viability analysis report identifying the potential pool of U22s,  sorting the over-performers. Quantification of the most prominent candidates allowed us to properly estimate the project’s cost & delivery time and at the same time set the right expectations: “There are approximately x number of players matching your criteria”.

General Pool of U22

The general pool of players aged 22 and below in our database from Brazil’s 11 competitions consisted of 763 players.

Definition of over-performers

We summarize 97 metrics and 32 kpis using  5 summary KPIs: Versatility, Attacking Passing, Creative Passing, Attacking, Defending.  You can find more information about Football IQ summary KPIs here.

Pool of over-performing U22s

The pool of over-performers aged 22 and below in our database from Brazil’s 11 competitions consisted of 454 players.

Competitions with most over-performing U22s

Serie A, Serie B, Paulista A3 & Carioca 1 are the most heavily populated competitions with over-performers aged 22 and below.


The majority of over-performing under 22s were attacking midfielders (100 players) and full backs (96 players).

Next stage - Technical Assessment

After carefully watching the players on video, our analysts conducted technical scouting reports for all 454 over-performers. Based on additional criteria set by our client, 403 players were excluded, with 24 selected in list A and another 27 in list B.

A comprehensive road-map

More important than having access to data, is what you do with it. Transforming data to insightful information is of utmost importance.

A vast network of scouts is always good, but what matters the most is how they are utilized. Narrowing down from 763 to 454, and then to a final pool of 51 players is no small feat, enabling scouts to focus on the most suitable players based on  requirements specified, without wasting time & money for “blind” scouting nor relying on “tips”.

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